Office Access 2007 enables fast tracking of information and reporting. Capture information using forms in e-mail, or import data from external applications. Create detailed reports, and share information with Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services lists: You can monitor the revision history, set data access permissions, and back up the information at regular intervals.


License Type: Volume Licensing
Language: Single Language, English
Version: Microsoft Office Access 2007Customer group: commercial

The right to use the license in the form of a license transfer and license key to unblock the license. The license transfer form submitted to you is valid for an audit check from Microsoft.

License key to unblock the license

Information about download – installation and product activation can be found here: Shipping InformationYou can find all information on used software as well as the legal use of the software here on our Lawwiki

Important Information:
Volume licenses can not be installed with click-and-run versions!


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